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Advantages of hermetic doors

Due to the particularity of its environment, the operating room of the hospital often requires the operating room door to have the functions of hermeticness, sound insulation, heat preservation, pressure resistance, dustproof, fire prevention and radiation protection. However, due to these special requirements, a segmented market category has been formed. Next, I will show you the relevant knowledge of the operating room guide door, that is, the hermetic door.

Advantages of operating room hermetic doors:

The operating room hermetic door is a special door for the hospital operating room. The operating room does not allow external interference. The partition of the operating room hermetic door is particularly important.

The operating room hermetic door is equipped with a professional vacuum hermetic rubber strip, which adopts a unique "interpretation: unique, special" compression technology to ensure that the door can be closely matched with the door frame to achieve a reliable hermetic effect when closed. The surface of the operating room door has no flow, shrinkage holes, elongation, and wrinkles. The corners of the lines are basically the same as the surface, and there are defects such as scratches.

Generally speaking, the advantages of operating room hermetic doors mainly include shielding interference, shielding pollution, thermal insulation and sound insulation, pressure resistance and dust resistance.

Requirements for the operating room hermetic door:

The medical door of the operating room must meet the professional requirements of the hospital. As an important place for treating diseases and saving people, the hospital has put forward more requirements for the medical door of the operating room. Disinfection, the color should meet the specific requirements of each department, not too bright or too dark. I hope it is a milder and elegant color such as light green and light yellow.

The operating room hermetic door must meet the environmental protection requirements. In recent years, the role of environmental protection in social development has become increasingly prominent, and low-carbon values ​​have become increasingly popular. Operating room medical doors also conform to the trend of the times, keep up with the pace of energy saving and low carbon, comprehensively consider environmental impact and resource benefits, develop new manufacturing models, reduce the impact of the entire production and use cycle of products on the environment, improve resource utilization, adjust Product industrial structure, develop towards energy-saving and low-carbon direction, and develop energy-saving materials.


Post time: Sep-05-2022