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R & D and design

Q:How many R&D staff?


Q:What is the hospital door development idea.

A:Practical, environmental protection and safety

Q:What is the design principle of your products?

A:Safe and High Quality

Q:Can you Print the logo of your buyers?

A:Yes, we can do.

 Q:How often do you update the Items?

A:1 Year.

Q:Can you identify your own products?

A:Yes, it’s very easy.

Q:Are you have new door near date?


Q:What are the differences of your products among same trade?

A:Our door quality is better.

Q:What principle is the appearance of your products designed?

A:According the Hospital use.

Q:What’s the materials of Hospital door?

A:Aluminum alloy, glass and ironmangery etc

Q:How long time for open a Model?

A;3 months

Q:Do you have Model charge for the new? Are you retune? If yes, how long?



Q:What are your certificate?

A:CE, EZ ISO9001

Q:Are you have new patent?



Q:How long does your delivery time?


Q:What are your MOQ? How many?


Q:What are your quantity annual?

A:10 thousand

Q:What is the annual output value of the factory

A:50 million yuan.

Quality control

Q:Are your products traceable?

A:We have 2 years quality guarantee.

Q:What are your factory QC?

A:We have special team do it, they have 5 workers.


Q:How long is the service life of your products

A:10years or longer.

Q:What are the specifications and styles of your roducts?

A:Auto door, Manual Door etc.

Payment Method

Q:What kinds of payment methods do you accept?

A:Payment term: LC, TT, DP etc.


Q:How do you provide after-sales service? Do you have offices or warehouses abroad?

A:We have special team do it. But we are you office and warehouse abroad.

Q:What online communication tools do you have?

A:Phone, E-Mail, Whatsapp, Wechat, QQ, facebook, Link, Youtube.

Q:Does the company have a complaint email?

A:Yes, it must. info@sdmoenke.com

Company and Team

Q:What's the position of your products in the industry?

A:Top three.

Q:What was your turnover last year?

A:50 million yuan.

Market and Brand

Q:Which people and markets are your products?

A:All world at Hospital, clean lab etc.

Q:Do you have yourselves Brand?


Q:Where are your expert?

A:America, Euro, the Southeast Asia, Africa, Russia etc.

Q:Do your products have cost performance advantages?

A:Yes, cheaper and High Quality?

Q:Does your company participate in the exhibition?

A:Yes, usually. For example: R&T, FBC etc.

Q:What are your work time?

A:As for your requires.