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What kind of clean door should a clean room buy to ensure air tightness?

In order to achieve the corresponding cleanliness level, in addition to the design, purification and corresponding construction guarantees of air conditioners and other equipment, it is also very important to use clean doors with good air tightness. So, what kind of clean door can have better air tightness? What details can ensure that the air tightness of the door is valid for a longer time?

To check whether the air tightness of doors and windows is good, first look at where the doors leak. The joints must be the easiest to pass through the air, so we mainly pay attention to the following five points:

(1) The combination between the door frame and the door leaf:

As shown in the figure, as long as this structure can meet the requirements when the door leaf is closed, and it is attached to the door frame, it can generally meet the requirements; during inspection, the fixing method of the sealing strip on the door frame can be checked. The solution of the card slot is far superior to the solution of glue bonding (the glue is aging, and the glued strip is easy to fall off).

(2) Combination of door leaf and sweeping strip

Compared with the combination of door leaf and door frame, it is much more difficult to ensure the air tightness between the door leaf and the ground. At present, the mainstream solution for sealing doors is to add sweeping strips to increase air tightness.

The bottom of the door leaf is equipped with a lifting sweeping strip to ensure the airtightness of the clean door. In fact, the lifting strip is a sealing strip with a clamping structure. There are sensitive sensing devices on both sides of the strip, which can quickly identify the opening and closing status of the door. Once the door body starts to close, the lifting and sweeping strip will pop up smoothly, and the sealing strip will be firmly adsorbed against the ground, which can well prevent the air from entering and exiting at the bottom of the door leaf.

The sealing strip needs to be stuck in the groove, and the whole process of the sweeping strip popping out is very smooth. Durability can only be guaranteed if the corresponding structure and shrapnel material pass the test.

(3) Material of sealing strip

EPDM rubber strip: Different from ordinary tape, the clean door uses high-density, high-elasticity tape, usually EPDM rubber tape. In order to pursue high-quality effects, silicone tape is specially used. This kind of tape has high elasticity, high anti-aging degree, and good shrinkage and rebound effect when opening and closing the door. Especially when the door is closed, the tape can rebound quickly after being squeezed, filling the gap between the door leaf and the door frame, greatly reducing the probability of air circulation.

EPDM tape: commonly used for broken bridge windows and car doors in home decoration with high sound insulation requirements. Usually effective life can be up to 15 years. The purification door with inferior sealing strip may only be airtight for 2 or 3 years after the door is installed, after which the strip will easily lose its airtight ability due to aging.

(4) Test report

Check the inspection report of the door and window supplier. Usually, the inspection report of qualified doors and windows is as follows:

(5) Installation

The air tightness of the clean door is also closely related to the installation process. Before installing a clean door, ensure that the wall is vertical, and the door and wall are on the same horizontal line during installation, so that the entire door structure is flat and reasonable, the gap around the door leaf is controlled within a reasonable range, and the sealing effect of the tape is maximized.


Post time: Apr-15-2022