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What is the difference between medical automatic doors and ordinary automatic doors?

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What is the difference between medical automatic doors and ordinary automatic doors? Are other functions added? Why don’t we use medical automatic doors in our daily work furniture?

1. Automatic door guide medical system: the guiding and positioning device at the bottom of the door leaf, the operating room door manufacturer prevents the front and rear doors from appearing when the door leaf is traveling. When the door is opened and closed, the working process is as follows: When the door’s automatic medical sensor detects that someone has entered, it sends a pulse signal to the main controller. After the main controller, think the engine is running, monitor the engine speed, remind the car time and slow input. Forced combustion chamber. After the motor is energized and running, it moves forward, transmits the power to the belt, and the spreader system that transmits the power of the belt makes the door open; the door leaf is opened by the controller to judge, for example, the medical automatic door is closed, the motor is reversed, and the medical automatic door is closed.

2. Medical automatic door track: just like the train track, the door leaf spreader wheel restraint system, according to the specific direction;

3. Medical automatic door opening and closing electric motor video intercom system: main power supply, acceleration and deceleration control door operation;

4. Medical automatic door, hanging wheel suspension system: move the door leaf at the same time, medical traction drive door operation;

5. Medical automatic door sensor: The medical automatic door is responsible for collecting external signals such as human eyes. When the moving object is included in its working range, it is the pulse signal of the main controller;

6. Medical automatic door synchronous belt (some manufacturers use V belt): used to transmit motor power, traction type walking wheel spreader system;

7. Medical automatic door controller: It is the command center of the automatic door. It plans large-scale integrated blocks through internal program instructions, and the corresponding commands, instruct the car or the electric lock system to work; at the same time, the speed is adjusted through the main controller, and the doors and windows are opened. Scope.

Medical automatic doors are mainly used in major hospitals and medical facilities. Pressing the switch when going out brings great convenience to patients of hospitals and medical automatic doors. The above is the relevant knowledge brought to you by the operating room door manufacturer. I hope the above introduction can help you.

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Post time: Mar-14-2022