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Two aspects of choosing a hospital Air-tight door

Do you know the details of the hospital airtight door? The following is the sharing brought by the medical door manufacturer, let’s learn about it together.

1. Glass cannot be sloppy
Hospital airtight door: Every detail in the medical industry is very critical and should not be sloppy. The airtight door glass seems to be a small content, but from a practical point of view, it plays a great role. This also seriously affects the hygiene of the operation. So the choice of glass is very important.
2. Pay attention to the selection of profiles
This will not only easily damage the surface finish of the profile, but also damage the protective film and oxide layer on the surface of the hardware and cause the rust of the hardware. Especially when some customers use sulfuric acid to clean the walls, be careful not to let the doors and windows get contaminated. The granular and other debris inside the frame should be cleaned up in time to prevent them from blocking the drainage channel and causing poor drainage and water leakage. If the consequences are serious, it will also affect the operation of the radiation protection automatic door, shorten the service life of the automatic door, and also have safety problems. hidden danger. When opening the industrial door, the force should be moderate, and try to keep the speed even when opening and closing. When entering and leaving the automatic door, it is forbidden to be impatient and rampant, and try to avoid hard objects hitting the radiation protection automatic door or scratching the surface of the profile. When it is found that the industrial door has inflexible opening or other abnormal conditions during use, the reason should be found in time. If the customer cannot solve the fault by himself, he should contact the radiation protection automatic door manufacturer or supplier in time.
When choosing airtight door glass, you need to choose a type with better quality. Relevant experts said that ordinary glass cannot be selected for the glass of the operating room, because ordinary glass is not only fragile, but most importantly, it is not stable enough. The above is the sharing brought to you by the editor of the hospital airtight door. I hope it can help you. If you have any other questions, please feel free to inquire.


Post time: Mar-29-2022