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Tips for the maintenance of the operating room door

If you talk about the most important part of the hospital, it must be the operating room. Usually, in order to ensure that it will not be affected during the operation, the hospital will install the operating room door to ensure a good operating environment during the operation. Therefore, in order to ensure a good environment during each operation, it is necessary to maintain the surgeons in daily use. Next, the medical door operating room door manufacturer will introduce you to several maintenance methods.

1. The maintenance of the operating room door must not only clean the induction door, but also clean the door leaf. When cleaning, it is also necessary to wipe off the moisture on the surface to avoid moisture residue and cause rust. After that, it is necessary to clean the vicinity of the surgeons to prevent the accumulated dust from affecting the surgeons’ induction devices, which will cause insensitivity in the non-operational door.

2. The cabinet of the operating room door is very easy to accumulate dust, and a lot of dirt can accumulate within three to five days. In severe cases, the power switch will be insensitive. Here, the operating room door manufacturer recommends that you clean the cabinets of the surgeons regularly, and you must turn off the power during the cleaning process to avoid safety issues.

3. The guide rail and the ground wheel are very important accessories for the operation of the operating room door. If the maintenance is not carried out for a long time, there will be jams. Therefore, these two accessories need to be maintained and checked regularly, clean and lubricated, and avoid the medical door The operating room door is malfunctioning.

The operating room door can provide convenience to the hospital staff and will not be affected during the operation. Therefore, the operating room door needs to be maintained regularly during use to ensure that the operating room door can have the best operating effect.


Post time: Jan-05-2022