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The hospital door is an indispensable equipment in the hospital

The hospital is a public place with many patients, so the hospital hospital door needs to meet our use conditions, then when we choose the hospital door, we also need to meet the following conditions before it can be put into use.

Moisture-proof and waterproof, combined with the particularity of the medical environment, moisture-proof and waterproof is very important. In addition, the daily cleaning of hospital doors is also a big test for internal medicine. If the door is not moisture-proof and waterproof, the light-colored ones will swell, mold, and rot, so the door must be moisture-proof and waterproof.

Doors and door covers need to be strong and strong, and one of the characteristics of hospital doors is that they are often opened and closed. The hospital’s inner doors are opened and closed hundreds of times a day during regular check-ups by medical staff, injections and dressing changes, doctor’s bed checks and family visits. If the door and door cover are not securely fastened, the use of the door is very prone to problems.

Another requirement of a hospital door is that it needs to be able to withstand violence to be resistant to impact and scratches. The inner door of a hospital will inevitably be hit by hard objects, such as hospital beds and wheelchairs. Sometimes the collision is very strong. Also, a hospital is a public place with a lot of people, and the use of violence like kicking and slamming doors is unavoidable. If the door is not strong enough to resist such violent use, it will inevitably result in the inner door not being able to continue to be used.

To resist corrosion, hospitals are disinfected daily with disinfectants, which corrode doors and tend to peel and fade. In addition, the sweat on human hands is also very corroded, and the flow of people in the hospital is very high. Excessive sweat will definitely discolor the inner door. If the inner door cannot withstand these daily corrosion, the door will look old and its decorative properties will decrease in a short period of time.

Everyone is familiar with the hospital door. It is one of the indispensable equipment in the hospital. It is different from the household door in our home. It has the function of shielding the radiation source, as well as antibacterial, anticorrosion and impact resistance. . However, it is very expensive, so the service life of the hospital door is very long, but some small problems will inevitably occur after a long time. To avoid these problems, we must regularly clean and maintain the hospital door.

It is necessary to clean up the dust of the hospital door in time, keep the cleanliness of the hospital door and the lead glass in the door, and keep the door, laminated glass and hardware clean and bright. Because even if it is a stainless steel plate, once it is stained with dust and other stains, its compounds will erode the surface of the stainless steel plate, affect and corrode the steel body for a long time, and enter the radiation protection door with dangerous operating characteristics.


Post time: Feb-07-2022