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The considered in the construction of medical doors

The medical door is a special door for the hospital, so there are many factors to be considered when constructing. This article will briefly talk about the issues that need to be considered in the construction of medical doors.
1. Carbon fiber edge sealing: The four sides of the medical door, the medical door cover, and the wire in the medical door are edged with stainless steel (stainless steel and acid-resistant steel) profiles. It is characterized by the following advantages compared with painted medical door edge sealing and pvc edge sealing:
1. Good quality of edge sealing: When the wooden medical door and sleeve absorb moisture, there is no negative impact on the quality of edge sealing.
2. Strong impact resistance; since the carbon fiber edge sealing is all corner-sealed, even if it is bumped or scratched, the appearance of scum, pits or scratches on the corners of the building materials will not always appear. Wrap the line 90 degrees. Around medical doors, medical door covers, medical doors. Properly solve the problem of damaged edges and corners during use.
3. Protect and maintain the uniform and balanced water content of the building materials inside and outside the medical door; because the sealing edge is fresh, there will be no uneven local moisture absorption and dehumidification, and the edges and corners will not be damaged. When delivered, the moisture content of the product’s exterior construction materials is always protected and maintained. Even setting aside seasonal factors or the central chill, outdoor high temperatures and relative humidity can change again. Medical doors and sleeves can also expand and compress in a state of uniform equilibrium.
4. After installation, the overall effect is good, because the corner wrapping and conjoined edge sealing are adopted, and the edge sealing of each part is perfectly connected, horizontal and vertical, and there are no glue seams and black lines that are not installed strictly.
5. Lack of carbon fiber edge seals; extremely compliant.
2. Anti-collision belt design: carbon fiber edge sealing solves the problem of damaged corners of medical door outposts. However, the fire wire of the front cover of the door is still easily scratched by the car. Therefore, in the design, it is considered that the bumper belt is not installed at the height of 65-85mm, 780-800mm and the distance from the height of 300-320mm.
3. Moisture-proof and anti-skid: between hospital toilets, boiling water rooms, laundry rooms, disinfection rooms, etc. The hospital is equipped with a dedicated controller for automatic doors and a foot switch with excellent performance. Medical staff only need to put their feet into the switch box, and the automatic door can be opened and closed, or it can be operated manually. Automatic doors have special rubber seals around the movable door. When the door is closed, they can be reliably attached to the door frame to ensure the air tightness of the door. In particular, toilets in hospitals have the highest relative humidity. So moisture and slip resistance is very important.


Post time: Feb-21-2022