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As the country’s requirements for building materials are getting higher and higher, mainly in terms of environmental protection. Therefore, the demand for color diversification, multi-functionality and durability in infrastructure decoration in public places is constantly increasing. For example, for the medical doors commonly used in hospitals, the door installation requirements are different in each place, and the colors installed in each different place are also different. Today, let us understand the difference between each area of ​​the hospital. Color requirements for medical doors.

1. Internal medicine and surgery: People with poor endocrine can choose green more. Green can calm the nervous system, promote the secretion of gastric juice, help digestion, and help eliminate fatigue. It has a certain effect on fainting, fatigue, nausea and negative emotions.

2. The door of the obstetrics and gynecology hospital: In order to reflect the characteristics of women, light purple, light pink and other series can be used to create a fashionable, warm and soft medical environment for women.

3. Neurology: Yellow can stimulate the nerves and digestive system, help to strengthen the ability of logical thinking, and can stimulate the desire and volition of patients with depression.

4. Ottomenology: Calm blue can relieve muscle tension and relax nerves.

5. Operating room: Green or blue can be used to give people a feeling of quietness, comfort and trust, which can relieve mental fatigue and eye fatigue, and can also eliminate the visual fatigue caused by the doctor’s long-term vision of blood red, and stabilize the doctor’s mood.

6. The medical door of the waiting room: warm yellow can be used. Yellow is the most pleasant color in the color spectrum. It is considered to be a symbol of wisdom and light, and can stimulate people’s vitality.

7. Consultation room: It is suitable to use blue to make people feel calm, so that patients can relieve tension.

8. Emergency Department: Green, symbolizing the green channel, helps relieve nervous tension.

9. Mental ward: Light blue fills the psychiatric ward, so that patients with high mental tension are surrounded by tranquility, comfort and tranquility, so that the restless heart can be calmed down

10. The hospital door of the geriatric ward: a light orange color is given to the geriatric ward, creating an environment full of splendor and intellectual poetry in golden autumn

11. Psychological consultation: Blue has the effect of lowering blood pressure, which can slow down the pulse rate, which is very beneficial to eliminate tension, relieve headache, dizziness and insomnia symptoms, giving people a feeling of calm.

12. Hospital restaurant: Orange can induce appetite, facilitate the absorption of calcium, and generate vitality.

13. Intensive care unit medical door: warm and quiet beige, clean and gentle light green, and pink are very suitable for them, and they feel warm and not strong.


Therefore, these 13 different areas are basically all areas of the hospital. The hospital should also pay attention to the color of the medical door, which is also beneficial to the recovery of the patient. However, in addition to the color of the medical door, in Quality should also be paid attention to, as this is an important factor in ensuring patient safety.




Post time: Jul-08-2022