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Medical door round glass bead was successfully developed

Is it true that the round glass bead for medical doors has been successfully developed? The following is a brief introduction to the technical staff of Moenke Door Industry.

With the “deepening of the reform of the medical and health system” in China in 2006, in order to improve the national medical environment and facilitate the masses to seek medical treatment, the domestic medical infrastructure has been prosperous and developed; the hospital-specific door factory grasps the pulse of the market and specializes in R&D, production and sales of hospitals. Dedicated door. With the continuous improvement of medical infrastructure, the hospital has a clearer understanding of medical doors and stricter requirements; the circular observation window of medical doors has the characteristics of minimal light transmission area and easy cleaning, which is more and more popular in the hospital. Favored; because the hospital has high antibacterial requirements for materials, the glass strips that meet the hospital’s material requirements restrict the development of circular observation windows; through long-term research and development, the hospital-specific door factory has finally successfully developed a round glass that meets the hospital’s antibacterial requirements. Laminate.

Through the technical staff of Moenke Door Industry, we will introduce to you that the round glass bead for medical doors has been successfully developed. Did you know? Hope it can help you better in your life.

Post time: May-06-2022