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How much do you know about Automatic Hermetic Door?

 kind of Automatic Hermetic Door. By setting a sealing device at the lower end of the door leaf, when the door leaf and the door frame are closed and closed, the movable rod of the sealing device contacts and squeezes the door frame, moves into the sealing device, and compresses the spring connected with the movable rod at the same time. The sealing sleeve pulled by the rope moves downward due to gravity to fit with the ground for sealing, heat insulation and waterproofing.

The Automatic Hermetic Door includes a door leaf, a door frame, and a sealing device. The door leaf is connected to the door frame through a hinge. The sealing device is fixedly connected to the lower end of the door leaf. A rope is connected to the inner end surface of the movable rod. The rope passes through a baffle with a round hole and is connected to the sealing sleeve. The left and right movement of the movable rod drives the sealing sleeve to move up and down through the rope. The baffle is fixed to the inside of the frame. , The movable rod is covered with a spring, one end of the spring is fixedly connected with the movable rod, and the other end of the spring is fixedly connected with the baffle. Move down to fit the ground. When the door leaf is opened, the movable rod pops out, and the rope pulls the sealing sleeve upward and away from the ground.
The rope is connected with a sealing sleeve around a certain pulley, and both ends of the fixed pulley shaft are fixed to the inner side of the frame. The movable rod is a rectangular long rod in cross section, and the outer end surface of the movable rod is a curved inclined surface. The lower end of the frame body is also provided with a track, and the sealing sleeve can move up and down along the track. The upper end surface of the frame body extends from the engaging portion, and is engaged and fixedly connected with the lower end surface of the door leaf. The frame body and the door leaf are integrally formed. The sealing sleeve is U-shaped and elongated. The sealing sleeve is made of polymer material. The sealing sleeve is a rubber product. The side end of the door frame is close to the ground, and a metal sheet is arranged, and the metal sheet is fixedly connected with the door frame by screws.

Post time: Jun-05-2021