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Hospital door manufacturers analyze the performance of Hospital doors

Because it is used on clinic doors, Hospital door manufacturers must strictly follow the customer’s application requirements for door production and processing when producing Hospital doors. So what performance of the door produced can meet the requirements of medical staff? Next, we will understand together.

1. The Hospital door has a very good blocking effect, such as noise, cyclone and electromagnetic wave radiation, which can be prevented at the door, and has a higher production process for the door body, the raw materials of the door frame, the utensils at the interface, and the production process of the door. Rejection.

2. The door is equipped with a strong power unit, which can operate normally on abnormal tracks. In order to better improve the stability of the door, the characteristics of the internal power device are appropriately required, such as safety protection equipment for environmental pollution, etc., and precise requirements are made on the attributes of the driving force system in the door.

3. The elements that the door uses on site are proactive and stable. Basic functions such as collection, secondary feel, and power-on lock cannot be lacked.

4. The basic functions of a part of the door are completely restored.

5. The sensor received in the door is also abnormal. The basic concept of the different feeling is that the active medical mobile door has a non-contact right hand sensor, upper foot and a key sensor.

6, airtightness
①The working voltage range applicable to the electrical control system components must be wide.
②The door body and outer surface layer are made of stainless steel plates, electrolytic thick steel plates, color steel tiles, etc. Among them, the rusty steel plate is good, but the cost is increased. The middle partition layer is made of foam or honeycomb structure; for the door body with anti-electromagnetic radiation regulations, the middle partition layer must have a certain thickness of graphite board sandwiched in the middle. In addition, there should be a sealing tape embedded in the wall joints. The reason is that some areas have radiation sources or have high regulations on sterilization and sealing.
③Part of the manipulation of electronic devices should follow the requirements of the relevant electromagnetic compatibility test specifications in my country to avoid the impact on medical devices.
④The motor reducer must be professionally designed to avoid noise as much as possible, so as to comply with the noise regulations of the clean room and be borne by the patient.

7, unique function
①The closing function of closing the shop with a delay time and the second correct guidance function.
②A reserved power connector is required.
③To operate the functional sockets of the shower room machinery and equipment.
④ In order to better strengthen the prevention function, the door body must be equipped with a victim blocking bomb function to ensure that passers-by are not easily injured by squeezing.

In order to better facilitate the rescue work of medical staff, hospital door manufacturers should provide safety protection functions, and have good airtightness and functionality when producing Hospital doors, so as to achieve most The customer’s application requirements are also beneficial to the patient’s rescue.


Post time: Dec-10-2021