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Four maintenance methods for operating room doors

A hospital operating room is a very important place in an institution. It can be said that a doctor performs an operation in the operating room. Therefore, in order to prevent doctors from being affected by external factors during the operation, almost all doctor institutions will set up a team in the operating room to provide a special environment for the operating room. Of course, maintenance is essential for this door to perform well every time.

Four maintenance methods for operating room doors

1. During the use of the operating room door, no sharp air, heavy objects, etc. are allowed to enter. Knock and scratch the door body to prevent the warping of the door leaf and the expansion of the door leaf gap. Insufficient outer protective layer will lead to its performance.

2. If you want to keep the door airtight, then cleaning is a must. When cleaning, not only clean the door leaf, but also pay attention to the residual moisture on the surface after cleaning, to prevent the residual moisture from causing the door body and its parts to rust. In addition, keep the vicinity of the operating room door clean, classify accumulated dust and debris, and avoid the insensitivity of sensor equipment affecting the door.

3. Organize suitcases back to the city to avoid unsafe watertight doors during use. The cabinet does not need to be cleaned frequently. Regular cleaning is enough. The power supply should be turned off during the cleaning process to ensure the safety of operators.

Four maintenance methods for operating room doors

4. The coordination of different parts of the operating room door is very important, so during maintenance, the guide rails and ground wheels should be regularly maintained and inspected, cleaned and leveled to avoid hidden dangers.

Seeing this, I think everyone knows the importance of operating room doors, so maintenance is critical. 


Post time: Feb-28-2022