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Epidemic prevention construction in the post-epidemic era-Moenke Medical Door


The new crown virus has been raging for nearly two years. According to past experience, it should be coming to an end soon, but he does not seem to stop at all. It may be his last struggle, or it may be the last calm of the peak and valley. But in any case, things will always end. Since the SARS epidemic in 2003, there have been constant epidemics everywhere. The predecessors are for future generations. You must always think about the future and learn from the experience and lessons of this disaster in order to prepare for the rainy day.

After the pandemic, as long as people's livelihood construction is resumed, protective measures must be taken. Therefore, it is recommended to use the county as a unit, and establish new epidemic prevention centers in various regions, and only perform specific maintenance at ordinary times, and only maintain that they can be put into use immediately in catastrophes. This requires the government or local government departments to first ensure that such infrastructure is perfected and can be used steadily.
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Post time: Aug-10-2021