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The lead of the radiation protection door needs to have a certain thickness to prevent radiation

We achieve reliable radiation protection by embedding lead in the cover. As an experienced manufacturer of medical airtight doors and radiation-proof doors, Moenke believes that according to the intensity of radiation, lead inlays need to have a certain thickness. This thickness is decisive for the attenuation level of the radiation protection door, the so-called lead equivalent. With Moencor’s radiation protection doors, you can choose between different millimeter lead equivalent values.

The lead door is also called the lead plate door. The lead door is divided into: swing lead door, sliding lead door, revolving lead door, latch lead door and combination lead door.


Open the lead door horizontally

Mainly used in places with weak radiation intensity and air tightness requirements, generally used for personnel entry and exit passages. Such places generally have small shielding layer thickness, small channel size, and high air tightness requirements. The opening method can generally be manually opened.

push-pull lead door

It is mainly used in places where the radiation intensity is relatively strong and there is no air tightness requirement. It is generally suitable for people’s mixing passages or the outer doors of special logistics passages. The external space of the channel is large, the thickness of the shielding layer is relatively large, the size of the channel is large, and there is no air tightness requirement. The opening method can generally be opened manually or electrically.

revolving lead door

Rotary radiation protection doors are generally used in places with high radiation intensity and small external fields, and are generally used as protection in radiation emission devices. This place has high dose levels and small space, which is not suitable for installing sliding and flat radiation protection doors.

Plug lead door

The plug-in radiation protection door has a very strong protection ability, which can generally reach a shielding layer with a thickness of several meters. Mainly used for neutron protection or high dose gamma.

combination lead gate

In the design process of the lead door, it can be combined and selected according to the characteristics of different radiation protection doors. For example, it is easy to design the air tightness of the combination of the swing type radiation protection door, and the sliding type radiation protection door is easy to design the shielding requirements, which can not only reduce the design difficulty, but also reduce the investment to a very low level while meeting the process requirements.

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Post time: Aug-09-2022