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Failures and solutions of Hospital door energy

The Hospital door is mainly used in the public space of the hospital. The hospital is a multi-bacteria natural environment. For the special place of the hospital, the flow of people is large and dense, and collisions are prone to occur. Therefore, the existence of the Hospital door is not only a door, but also to play a role. Very good protection. The Hospital door may fail during use and cannot be used normally. What are the common failures? What should we do?

1. When the Hospital door is running, the door is normally open and cannot be closed. The main reasons are power failure, poor electrical connection, foreign object interference and anti-pinch to generate a green flashing door signal, resulting in the door body being normally open and not closing, and the other is the wrong opening direction. .

2. When the Hospital door is running, the opening or closing action is too slow, mainly because the setting value of the control device’s opening or closing speed knob is too low; the walking resistance is too large, the belt is loose, and the tension is not enough. Then you can adjust the speed knob of the control device to open or close the door accordingly; turn off the power, move the door leaf by hand to check whether there are obstacles in the moving part; adjust the belt tension.

3. With the passage of time, the Hospital door may cause the friction force of the rubber strip to become larger and abnormal noise to occur. We can change the distance between the ground wheel and the three-frame vertical frame to make the distance between the two become larger, and at the same time Adjust the hanger wheel and adjust the door body to a position where it does not rub against the rubber strip; if it still cannot be solved, you can replace the small-sized silicone strip to solve it.

4. Three parts that are prone to abnormal noise: the friction between the track and the wheel, the ground wheel under the door body, and the friction between the rubber strips. The solution to the abnormal noise of the rubber strip has been mentioned above. As long as the friction between the track and the wheel is not properly maintained for a long time, the track is easy to fall off dust, resulting in the friction between the track and the wheel. The solution is to add a little lubricant. The abnormal noise of the ground wheel is caused by the friction between the door body and the ground wheel, and it can be solved by keeping the ground wheel directly under the door body.

5. If it is a problem with the control unit, replace the controller and motor to run normally.


Post time: Oct-11-2022